Elliot Brown
Dear Hunan House, My wife and I dined at Hunan House in midtown last night. We've eaten there several times before as we live in the neighborhood. We also often order takeout from Hunan House. Last night, I ordered a Johnnie Walker Black Scotch and water. When the bill came, there was a charge of $20 with a description I did not recognize. I asked my server what the charge was and she said it was for the scotch. We paid the bill, but there is not another restaurant in midtown that would charge $20 for this drink and I don't think the hotels would either. I feel I was treated like a clueless tourist, but even a clueless tourist would be offended at this charge. I don't believe in putting complaints on the internet and this note is only between us, but I wanted you to know why I do not expect to return to Hunan House or to order from Hunan House again. Elliot Brown
Dan Monaco
Can you deliver 30-40 lunches to 9 west 57th street? We provide lunch to our employees every day, would like to add you to the rotation. We would get you the orders by 945am need to be delivered between 1130-1230pm
Hi. I placed an order with you earlier today through; Order #1373790971. I just wanted to let you know that the wonton soup was not very good. The soup didn't taste good today, and the wonton's were mushy and had totally fallen apart in the soup. As I am a regular Hunan House customer, I found this to be very odd, as your food has always been exceptional. Just wanted to make sure I let someone know. Thanks!!!
Benjamin Silbert
My company created an iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android ID scanner app to help prevent underage service and the use of fake IDs. Our software also helps you become smarter about your customers. I would like to discuss this further with Hunan House. Who is the best person to contact? Thanks, Bar & Club Stats 914-227-2271


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