Hello, I just looked through your website and it looks very good! You are doing a great job. However I have some recommendations for your website improvement and optimization to make it look awesome. What about a quick call or a meeting? I'd love to share my ideas with you. Regards, Ulianna
molly flores
Looking for the Hunan House email in regards to NYC & Company image release.
Please add me to your mailing list!
Elliot Brown
Dear Hunan House, My wife and I dined at Hunan House in midtown last night. We've eaten there several times before as we live in the neighborhood. We also often order takeout from Hunan House. Last night, I ordered a Johnnie Walker Black Scotch and water. When the bill came, there was a charge of $20 with a description I did not recognize. I asked my server what the charge was and she said it was for the scotch. We paid the bill, but there is not another restaurant in midtown that would charge $20 for this drink and I don't think the hotels would either. I feel I was treated like a clueless tourist, but even a clueless tourist would be offended at this charge. I don't believe in putting complaints on the internet and this note is only between us, but I wanted you to know why I do not expect to return to Hunan House or to order from Hunan House again. Elliot Brown


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